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Governor Sisolak on Raising Taxes: “Nope.”

The Sisolak Campaign released a new ad focused on Governor Sisolak’s commitment to keeping Nevada a low-tax state. During his first term, Governor Sisolak kept his 2018 campaign promise not to raise taxes on everyday Nevadans and will keep that promise in a second term. 


Governor Sisolak: “No.”

Governor Sisolak: “Not gonna happen.”

Governor Sisolak: “In conclusion? No.”

Governor Sisolak: “Politicians in Carson City always look for ways to raise your taxes. And my answer to them is always the same: No.”

Governor Sisolak: “With high prices on everything from gas to groceries, the last thing we need are higher taxes.”

Governor Sisolak: “As Governor, I refused to raise taxes on Nevada families. And if anyone tries…you know my answer.”

Governor Sisolak: “No.”