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Governor Sisolak Shares Update on Lowering Costs and Supporting Nevada Families 

Six-Months following his February State of The State Address, Governor Sisolak shares progress made on key issues

This week, Governor Sisolak updated Nevadans on his administration’s progress lowering costs and supporting Nevada families in the six-months following his February State of the State Address. Accomplishments include: 

  • Launching the Home Means Nevada initiative and making historic investments in affordable housing ($500 million) and child care ($160 million) to help lower costs for families and create jobs. 
  • Joining the Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium to negotiate directly with prescription drug companies and lower drug costs by up to 80%.
  • Providing nearly 4,000 future educators with stipends and tuition assistance to address the teacher shortage.
  • Funding free lunch for all Nevada public school students in the 2022-23 school year. 
  • Allocating $5 million to explore ways the state can make community college and other job training programs free by 2025. 
  • In his second term, Governor Sisolak will propose a salary increase for State Police – their first significant pay increase since 2006.

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Las Vegas Sun: Sisolak touts state’s progress under his leadership

  • In the last five months Sisolak launched his “Home Means Nevada” Initiative, which allocated $500 million of American Rescue Plan funds to create new affordable housing projects. He started his Nevada Child Care Fund, which covers the cost of child care copays for eligible families through 2023, and he created extreme heat and environmental justice teams aiming to protect Nevadans from extreme heat waves. 
  • Nevada also got $75 million for free school lunches for children, received $20 million for crisis stabilization centers and $500 million for high-speed broadband access, Sisolak said Tuesday.
  • “Nevada is clearly on the move,” Sisolak said. “We’ve laid out a lot of promises and ideas in our State of the State (address), and I instructed my team to move forward as urgently as we possibly could in addressing those situations. And we have made progress on every single initiative we put forward.”

KSNV: Governor Sisolak: “We’re doing what we can to help people in their daily lives so they don’t have as much of a need to spend.”

KRNV: Sisolak updates accomplishments six months after 2022 State of the State address

  • Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak hosted a round table conference with the media Tuesday morning to review the promises he’s fulfilled six months after giving the 2022 State of the State address.
  • During his pronouncement back in February, Sisolak addressed improvements to the following: Child Care, housing, health care, education, safety/police, climate, economy, infrastructure.

KTVN: Governor Discusses Economy, Inflation

  • “We’re making child care more affordable, we’re investing in free community college tuition and we’re going to work on broadband, has become less expensive,” Sisolak said. “We’ve got subsidies for that.”
  • $500 million is going into the Home Means Nevada Initiative. He says that money will help keep some of the most vulnerable Nevadans stay in their homes, including seniors, people with disabilities and veterans. $20 million is going to crisis stabilization centers for mental health. Schools will provide universal free meals for students for at least one year because of a $75 million investment.

KOLO: State of the State Update: Progress noted, challenges remain

  • In February, Governor Steve Sisolak outlined a list of goals in a State of the State address. Tuesday in Carson City he met with the state’s press to revisit that list, point out progress made and look ahead to the future.
  • Back in February, the governor began his address on an upbeat note, saying the state had proven “resilient and getting stronger every day.” That outlook remained unchanged. COVID is still with us, but under control and the economy, in general, is strong.
  • “We’ve been rated the top growth state in the last quarters and I think that’s something we can be very proud of,” said the governor. 

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Sisolak ‘confident’ in Nevada economy despite recession concerns

  • The governor, speaking to reporters in his Carson City office, said Nevada’s economy, and specifically in Southern Nevada, is prepared to withstand a rollback in discretionary spending that could result from a recession.
  • “The hospitality industry is doing well,” he said. “Conventions are coming back in. We’ve got some more international travel coming, which is going to help us significantly. I think that our economy is in pretty good shape right now.”