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Health Care

No family should have to break the bank to stay healthy – that’s why Steve’s worked to expand access to lifesaving health care services while lowering costs for families. In a second term, he will build on our progress, support our families, and continue taking steps to build a healthier Nevada and a stronger workforce and economy.

During his first term, Steve increased access to affordable health care by making protections for pre-existing conditions permanent, ending surprise billing, expanding transparency around drug pricing, creating a Patient Protection Commission, and becoming the second state in the nation to create a public health insurance option to expand affordable coverage–legislation that is estimated to lower the cost of premiums by 15% in the first four years and expand coverage to 350,000 additional Nevadans. 

His administration also took on medical debt collectors trying to take advantage of Nevada families, and took steps to limit fines and ensure families have enough time to pay their bills.

This year, Steve took another step to expand access to affordable health care and announced Nevada will join the Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium. By negotiating directly with drug companies, we can lower the cost of prescription drugs for all Nevada families by up to 80%.

Additionally, while states around the country are attacking reproductive rights, Steve expanded access to reproductive freedoms across the Silver State by eliminating barriers and investing in comprehensive family planning services to support Nevadans. Steve knows that affordable health care includes mental health, which is why he expanded mental health funding for schools and communities across the Silver State in his first term to ensure Nevadans are supported during their times of need. 

Reliable access to affordable health care isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity for our communities, workforce, and economy. Under Steve’s leadership, Nevada will continue to be a leader on lowering costs for families and expanding quality, affordable care.