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Public Safety

As governor, Steve has taken steps to improve public safety, reduce crime, and ensure law enforcement officers are well-paid and well-trained.

During his first term, Steve took significant steps to curb gun violence by banning bump stocks, closing the gun show loophole, and requiring common-sense background checks on all gun sales. Steve is committed to protecting our communities from gun violence and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

Under Steve’s watch, the percentage of Nevada’s state budget devoted to law enforcement is number one in the country. Additionally, funding for State Police is up 11% since Steve took office, and he helped secure nearly $12 million to invest in officer recruitment, prevent youth crime, and more.

In a second term, Steve will go a step further by proposing a salary increase for State Police officers – their first significant pay raise since 2006.

Steve knows that safe streets encourage new families and businesses to put down roots in Nevada, and he will continue taking steps to improve the criminal justice system, protect Nevadans, and improve public safety.