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Addressing Nevada’s water shortage has been one of Steve’s priorities for decades. From serving on the state’s Colorado River Commission while he was a County Commissioner, to signing bipartisan legislation to conserve and protect our state’s water sources as governor, he’s helped make Nevada a national leader in water conservation.

During Governor Sisolak’s first term, Nevada started regulating water quality pollution from indirect sources – a leading cause of water quality issues across Nevada and in the U.S.

He also directed cities to develop a water resource plan to use limited water resources as strategically as possible and signed legislation banning nonfunctional turf in the Las Vegas area. Recently, he announced a new group of drought advisors – including top water conservation and climate experts – to identify ways our state can conserve even more water in the future, find innovative ways to protect valley residents, and collaborate with other states dealing with drought and water shortages.

Thanks to the responsible conservation steps we’ve taken, the effects of the mandatory Colorado River water cuts will not be felt in Southern Nevada.

In a second term, Governor Sisolak will continue prioritizing the state’s water conservation efforts to protect our natural resources, ensure sustainable future growth, and keep Nevada a national leader on water technology.