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NEW AD: Sisolak Campaign Releases First Spanish-Language Ad Highlighting Governor’s Second-Term Priorities

Today, the Sisolak Campaign released its first Spanish-language television ad highlighting the governor’s second-term priorities to keep taxes low, create more good-paying jobs, bring down the cost of housing and expand affordable health care. 

El Plan” is part of a six-figure ad buy airing on broadcast and across digital platforms in both Reno and Las Vegas. The campaign first began running Spanish-language digital ads earlier this month along with the first TV commercial in English of the cycle.

Governor Sisolak understands the importance of reaching out to and delivering for all Nevadans – no matter the language they speak. That’s why he’s prioritized early outreach to the Latino community and including their voices in his campaign by launching a Latino Advisory Council in March, hosting a roundtable conversation with immigrant entrepreneurs in Reno, touring local businesses at El Mercado in the Boulevard Mall, meeting with Mexican Federations, sitting down with DACA recipients and actively engaging Spanish-language news organizations. 


Community leader: Son tiempos difíciles. Explíquenos, Gobernador, como su plan nos ayuda en esta economía. 

Governor Sisolak: Número uno: Empleos.

Community leader: Vemos construcción por todas partes.

Governor Sisolak: Número dos: Un hogar para todos.

Community leader: Inició la mayor inversión para crear viviendas económicas en la historia del estado.

Governor Sisolak: Número tres: Cuidado médico.

Community leader: Con la opción pública, 350 mil más Nevadenses no tendrán miedo a vivir sin seguro médico. Pero hay una cosa que ud. no hará. 

Governor Sisolak: No. Nuevos. Impuestos.


Community Leader: These are tough times. Explain to us, Governor, how your plan helps us in this economy.

Governor Sisolak: Number one: Jobs.

Community Leader: We’re seeing construction projects in every direction.

Governor Sisolak: Number two: A home for everyone.

Community Leader: You launched the largest investment to create affordable housing in the history of our state.

Governor Sisolak: Number three: Health care.

Community Leader: With the public option, 350 thousand more Nevadans won’t have to fear living without health insurance. But there’s one thing you won’t do.

Governor Sisolak: No. New. Taxes.