Reno News Review: Laxalt and the law

It was the first of a long line of disputes that have made Nevada’s legal community wonder where the attorney general’s loyalties lie—with the law or with his personal views. The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada—which has become influential at the Nevada Legislature by avoiding litigation and seeking change through legislation—is suspicious of him. “Nevadans need to be aware…

KOLO (VIDEO): NARAL Endorses Steve Sisolak

A spokesperson for the pro-choice group called NARAL says Nevada, for them, is a top priority state when it comes to fighting for abortion rights and have decided to endorse Sisolak. Sisolak stated, “I feel the decision is between a woman as I said, and her doctor and what she feels is best for herself, and her family, and her…

KOLO: Sisolak on guns, abortion, and other issues

Steve Sisolak said today, “I support a woman’s right to choose, it is a decision between a woman and her doctor, and her faith and her husband and whoever she wants to be a part of it. but it is not something for a political person to decide.” Sisolak says as governor he will push for moderate gun control efforts…

Nevada Independent: Abortion issue revived in governor’s race as Laxalt lauds SCOTUS ruling, Sisolak cites AG’s “anti-choice agenda”

“As governor, I will fight to protect a woman’s constitutional reproductive rights and her consistent access to comprehensive care,” Sisolak continued. “Adam Laxalt has shown repeatedly that he will pursue an anti-choice agenda that will roll back the clock on women’s rights and bring Nevada down a dangerous path.” Source:

KTVN: Sisolak statement on SCOTUS Becerra decision

Steve Sisolak reacted saying quote, “I believe that women deserve access to all of their options when it comes to their reproductive health care. I still have concerns over the lack of information given by these crisis pregnancy centers and the harm they can cause.” Source:

RGJ: Sisolak Seeks Unity in Bid for Governors Seat

“I know some of you voted for someone else a couple of weeks ago,” Sisolak told the crowd gathered in a convention hall at the Grand Sierra Resort. “That’s OK. But let’s work together now. “The challenges we face are too important to let our differences divide us. We simply can’t afford to let Adam Laxalt be elected governor.” Source:

KNPR: Sisolak Proposes Three Debates with Laxalt Ahead of General Election

Democratic nominee for governor Steve Sisolak is calling for three debates with Republican candidate Adam Laxalt before the general election. Sisolak’s campaign manager sent Laxalt’s camp a proposal Wednesday suggesting they hold the debates after Labor Day, including one in Southern Nevada, one in Northern Nevada and one on a Spanish-language television station Source:

KRNV: Protesting Family Separation

Tonight Northern Nevadans are speaking out about the controversial immigration policy. Nevada senators and top candidates for governor have come out against this administration’s policy. Steve sisolak called it horrible. Source:

Nevada Current – Sisolak to Laxalt: Lobby Trump to Stop Inhumane Family Separations

“President Trump’s policy of separating children from their parents and caregivers at the border is despicable and needs to end,” said Christina Amestoy, spokesperson for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak’s campaign. “Steve does not support this policy in any way. The good news is, with Trump in town this weekend, Adam Laxalt will have the opportunity to personally call on…

KVVU : Sisolak wins the primary

Sisolak’s supporters were elated. The majority of this crowd was made up of union workers from the teachers union and the carpenters union. All night they chanted that they had Sisolak’s back since he’s had theirs. Source:

KSNV: Sisolak delivers victory speech

In front of a cheering crowd, Sisolak said, “Is the party going to come together easily? Nothing is easy. I’ve been on both sides, I’ve won and I’ve lost. Chris and I have been running for a long time, colleagues on the commission for ten years and i’m confident we are going to be able to put stuff behind us.…

Conine Endorses Sisolak

“Today I am proud to endorse Steve Sisolak in his race to be the next Governor of Nevada. Our state has a bright future ahead but we need to elect smart and pragmatic leaders to get there. Steve offers the type of leadership Nevada needs to move our state forward, focused on common-sense solutions to serious problems. I had a…