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On National Voter Registration Day, Governor Sisolak Commits to Continuing to Defend Nevadans’ Voting Rights

On National Voter Registration Day, Governor Sisolak reemphasized his commitment to protecting the right to vote for all eligible Nevadans.

“In Nevada, we’ve prioritized safe, secure, and inclusive elections because every eligible voter deserves a voice at the ballot box,” said Governor Steve Sisolak. “In the last three years, we’ve expanded voting access by implementing universal mail-in voting, restoring voting rights for tens of thousands of Nevadans, and establishing same-day voter registration. Meanwhile, Joe Lombardo has spent the last year-plus promoting baseless conspiracies, dancing around the Big Lie when it’s politically convenient, and sowing misinformation about our electoral process. As long as I’m governor, I will defend against these dangerous conspiracy theories and protect our democracy.” 

Joe Lombardo has promised to make our electoral process more restrictive by repealing Nevada’s universal mail-in ballot law, making it more difficult for Nevadans to cast their votes. Lombardo has also peddled election conspiracy theories and refuses to condemn the Big Lie, which led to violence and the death of law enforcement officers. He continues to perpetuate unfounded claims of “fraud” in the 2020 election, frequently appears with vocal election deniers, and supports an election audit similar to the one in Arizona – which was driven by lies and dangerous conspiracies.

During his first term, Governor Sisolak expanded voting rights, by:

  • Permanently expanding mail-in voting, giving voters more options than ever to safely and securely cast their ballot.
  • Restoring voting rights for over 77,000 Nevadans.
  • Expanding automatic voter registration to other state and tribal agencies.
  • Implementing policies like same-day voter registration and automatic voter registration through the DMV.
  • Moving Nevada to a presidential primary system to include additional Nevadans in the electoral process.