Steve’s Plan


Improving Nevada’s education system is Steve’s top priority as governor. Having served for a decade on the Nevada Board of Regents, education is one of Steve’s passions. He believes every child in Nevada deserves the opportunity to succeed — and that starts with strong public schools. Steve supports investing in our schools so they have the resources needed to provide a safe and effective learning environment for all of our kids.

To strengthen our schools, and be an advocate for students and educators, Steve will:


  • Bring together educators, school board members, parents, and elected officials from southern, northern, and rural Nevada to modernize the 50-year-old funding formula so that it addresses the needs of students, educators, and parents.
  • Raise educator salaries so we can attract and retain the best and the brightest to teach our children.
  • Reduce classroom sizes so that every student gets the attention he or she needs to succeed.
  • Fight against the diversion of funding from public schools into private schools.
  • Support more professional technical training programs so that students have the opportunity to come out of high school career-ready.
  • Work to reduce the amount of debt students carry after college.
  • Create safe, effective learning environments where all students feel welcome — by enacting common-sense gun safety reforms to prevent the horrific mass shootings we’ve seen too often.
  • Support veterans and military families from the ground up — including early childcare, K-12 programs, STEM initiatives, and high school apprenticeships.

A bright future for our state requires a strong, diverse economy. For decades, our economy has depended on tourism, but we can’t solely rely on good economic times in other states to drive Nevada’s economy. As governor, Steve will work to diversify our economy around the state. He’ll build on his record of bringing people together to deliver job-creating projects like the new stadium and convention center to southern Nevada. And as a former small business owner, he’ll support Nevada’s homegrown businesses.

To create new, good-paying jobs for Nevadans, Steve will:


  • Attract new, diverse industries to Nevada, such as clean energy, technology, manufacturing, and medical research.
  • Support Nevada’s small businesses with incentives and grants so it’s not just the big companies that benefit from our help.
  • Promote partnerships between professional technical training programs and employers, to ensure Nevadans have the skills they need to find jobs with good pay and benefits.
  • Protect Nevada’s natural beauty. Not only does chipping away at our public lands — such as Gold Butte and Great Basin  — damage our environment and communities, it hurts the state’s outdoor tourism economy.
  • Help veterans gain a foothold in the Nevada economy by combatting predatory lending, advancing laws that protect entrepreneurial veterans, and supporting vocational training and financial education programs.

Steve believes all Nevadans deserve quality, affordable health care, and that nobody should ever be denied coverage or charged more for being sick, elderly, or a woman. As governor, Steve will protect Nevadans’ access to care and stand up to any attempts to roll back coverage for our families.

To make access to affordable health care a reality for more Nevadans, Steve will:

  • Create a Patient Protection Commission to stop the spiraling price of health care, ensure access to health care for all Nevadans, and harness invocation to the quality of care.
  • Support Nevada’s health care exchange and work to ensure all communities across our state have access to better care and coverage.
  • Fight any attempts to roll back Medicaid expansion, which has already helped cover more than 200,000 Nevadans.
  • Stand up to the Trump Administration’s efforts to reverse pre-existing conditions protections, which threaten the care and coverage of over 400,000 Nevadans.
  • Bring down prescription drug prices creating real price transparency, putting an end to surprise billing, and creating Silver State Scripts – a network of insurance purchasers that would leverage their collective purchasing power to bring Nevadans cheaper prescription drugs.
  • Address the critical shortage of doctors and medical professionals in Nevada
  • Expand insurance options for middle-class Nevadans not eligible for subsidies
  • Invest in mental health services and addiction treatment programs so that all Nevadans can get the comprehensive care they need.
  • Defend health clinics that provide critical services for women — and ensure a woman’s health choices are decisions made by her and her doctor, never partisan politicians.
  • Combat the homelessness and suicide epidemic among veterans by supporting VA mental health resources and ensuring access to affordable care for military families.

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