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RGA Releases Another Ad Full of Lies

The Republican Governors Association, in support of Joe Lombardo, released another ad full of misleading claims about Governor Sisolak’s record supporting small businesses, but here are the facts:

  • Governor Sisolak is endorsed by the Vegas Chamber – Nevada’s largest business support organization. 
  • This month alone, Governor Sisolak released a “Small Businesses for Sisolak” endorsement group and met with with Las Vegas entrepreneurs. 
  • During his first term, Governor Sisolak secured over $100 million in PETS grants to nearly 10,000 small businesses, opened the Office of Small Business Advocacy to support entrepreneurs, created a bipartisan task force to reduce bureaucratic red tape to support business creation, and launched Nevada’s first-ever Small Business Accelerator program, operated by Gener8tor.
  • Earlier this month, the Nevada Legislature’s Interim Finance Committee approved $105 million in federal funds to be directed to the State Small Business Credit Initiative.

Despite being one of the hardest hit states by the pandemic, Nevada’s economy is recovering at record levels:

  • Last year, Nevadans applied to start more new businesses than any other year since 2005. 
  • Nevada has surpassed its all-time employment high, recovering every job lost during the pandemic thanks to diversification and private sector growth. Following the 2008 recession, it took eight years to meet the same milestone. 
  • Nevada’s employment growth has either been the 1st or 2nd fastest in the nation every month of 2022. 

Additional facts: Joe Lombardo is under an active ethics investigation for using official resources to advance his political campaign. Lombardo has also been called out for only swiping into work an average of 3 days per week, giving over $18 million in Metro police contracts out to his campaign donors, and funding dangerous crisis pregnancy centers through his campaign and in his official capacity as sheriff.