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Shot/ Chaser/ Lime: Lying Lombardo Calls in Backup, Gets Slammed By Trump for Rising Crime

Shot: Joe Lombardo calls in Donald Trump to save his flailing campaign and help him consolidate a cratering base. 

After facing a recount and potential lawsuit from challenger Joey Gilbert, Joe Lombardo called in Donald Trump last week to save his flailing campaign. But the closed door event with a hand-picked friendly audience soon went from backup to backfire…

Chaser: Trump slams Joe Lombardo’s tenure as failed sheriff, calls Nevada a “cesspool of crime” on his watch. 

Here are the facts: Joe Lombardo supports defunding the police and on his watch, homicides in Clark County were up 49% last year – making 2021 the deadliest year since 2017 – with 2022 heading in the same direction. 

Plus, despite “strongly” advocating for a sales tax increase on taxpayers, Metro is severely understaffed and failing to meet its authorized officer to civilian ratio despite having $124 million in taxpayer dollars stockpiled to hire more officers.

As Clark County Sheriff, Lombardo has a record of being less-than-transparent with Nevadans at the taxpayers’ expense and is currently in litigation for using his official LVMPD email to “improve his chances of winning [political] office.”

Lime: While Joe Lombardo gets slammed for being a failed, corrupt sheriff, Governor Sisolak’s strong record supporting law enforcement speaks for itself.

In Governor Sisolak’s first term, the percentage of the state budget devoted to law enforcement was #1 in the country and funding for State Police increased by 11%. In his second term, Governor Sisolak will propose a salary increase for State Police officers in the next budget – their first significant pay increase since 2006.

With gun violence contributing to the stark rise in homicides and domestic violence, Lombardo’s plan to tackle gun violence is to put more weapons on our streets and in our schools. On the other hand, Governor Sisolak took on the gun lobby during his first term by banning bump stocks, closing the gun show loophole, and fulfilling the will of the people by passing common sense background checks to keep Nevadans safe.